About ASR

I began building the Anime Sacred Realm on Geocities in the late 90's/early 2000's. It was a collective of fansites, or "shrines" as we called them, dedicated to my favorite anime shows of the era. I am a grown adult now, but I wanted to rebuild the site as a form of therapy for myself, as well as a way to honor my past. It also gives me something productive to do while I am being drowned by nostalgia, which I think is something my generation suffers from greatly. Working on this website makes me happy, even though it is nerdy as heck. Oh well. W E E B L I F E

About Me

I am Navi! I have a degree in graphic design. My interest in design and development was sparked by my early time with Geocities. After I learned Photoshop and how to code websites, I just couldn't stop! I now work as a tech support agent and freelance web designer, and am currently persuing a career in cybersecurity, as well as a masters degree in computer science! I also like to make music and DJ in my spare time. My favorite type of music is Drum & Bass!

But enough about me...

What's In Store

So what is ASR going to be anyways? The Anime Sacred Realm is going to be what it once was - a collection of shrines for various anime titles from the 90's and early 2000's. I plan to create a website for each of my favorites containing fun goodies like images, gifs, character bios, episode information and so on. I think there is a lot of great new anime coming out, but I want to share the wonders of older titles, and encourage younger generations to check them out and keep the fandom going!

Wanna see what anime pages I'm working on? Check out the upcoming list on the Shrines page.

Aside from fansites, I also want to offer some free anime layouts for download! You will have to know HTML and CSS in order to use them properly, but I plan to comment out the code and make it as easy as possible. I already have several layouts designed, and hope to code them soon.

Upcoming Features