Shrines (Coming Soon)

Our collection of shrines will be the heart and soul of ASR, but we're still working on them! Below are the shrines we currently have plans for! I hope to fill each website with general information, episode lists, character bios, gifs, images, and where you can watch or buy the series!

Upcoming Features

And Many More!!!

Damn Girl, That's a Tall Order

You betcha, and it sure as heck ain't happening over night. This is a slow-burn project I plan to work on on nights when I am especially missing the "old days" and on my free time. As an adult that wears many hats, I unfortuntely do not have all the time in the world. I do however, have raging insomnia. So yanno, that'll come in handy.

Regardless, I'm happy to have this nice little side project to make me busy during times in which I wish to procrastinate more important things I should be doing. Being an adults is ballz.

Thanks for being on this journey with me! Shrines to come soon!